Marketing for Small Business

& Emerging Artists 

“Advertainment, a new approach to marketing in a changing economy”

For many, a small business is much more than just clothing, food, gifts, art or services. The business has heart, soul and a greater purpose. To succeed, you must advertise effectively. First, You will need to abandon many of the traditional marketing concepts for a newer, smarter, technological approach for reaching the masses. Together, we will design a marketing message and create an entertaining multi-media package that is more dynamic, cost efficient and consumer friendly. That’s “Advertainment”.

Perfect for: Websites, Virtual-showrooms, YouTube, Facebook and other social-networking sites.

Pre-production, Story Development, Professional Video Capture, Location Lighting,  External Audio, Post-production, Professional Graphics and Narration

You will own a digital file of your video to upload to your website/social networking site and afree, basic, 30 second commercial spot for traditional marketing.

Advertaiment Productions include

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Sample commercial spot

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Sample Advertainment Segment

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